Kobe Bryant Gets Crossed-Up By The Other MJ In New Apple Commercial

Kobe Bryant will end his twenty-year career in the NBA this week, so what better time to drop a commercial that pokes fun at his age? The 37-year-old Black Mamba gets trolled by actor Michael B. Jordan in this new ad for Apple TV. Jordan is playing Kobe in a fictional biopic and has to break the news that he is not just playing the younger Kobe, but Kobe throughout his career fighting the ravages of time.

“Like a hero, on the verge of a steep decline,” Jordan explains before instructing Siri to pull up The Curious Case Of Benjamin Budden as Kobe looks on in disbelief. It’s a pretty funny spot and Kobe shows some promise doing cameos in Hollywood after he hangs up his kicks. However, we have to marvel at this damn “trailer” that is bigger than some New York apartments. Watch the clip above and tune into Kobe’s finally game Wednesday night on ESPN 2.


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