The 5 Black Twitter Personalities In “Barbershop 3”


Barbershop 3: The Next Cut may be set in Southside Chicago but it draws much of its inspiration from social media. As Ice Cube’s character Calvin and his merry band of self-esteem consultants work their magic, a variety of trending topics–and the people who start them–come to life on screen. Here are 5 of the Twitter tropes you’ll recognize in Barbershop 3.

Draya (played by Nicki Minaj)
“$200 date Twitter”

They may be young and free spirited but there is no romance without the finance. Typically single (because married people don’t have $200 for dates anyway) they model their love lives after Trey Songz videos and reality TV. Their DMs are on fire.

Angie & Jennifer (played by Regina King and Jaszmine Lewis)
“Black Feminist Twitter”

They’re just some souls whose intentions are good but are quite often misunderstood. They are angry at $200 Twitter for making them look angry and not fun, because standing up for yourself is a thankless job that makes you angry…and is not fun. The truth is it goes down in their DMs, too, but they don’t want to be judged for it.

Dante (played by Deon Cole)
“Ashy Twitter”

Known in some circles as “notep twitter,” they reek of self righteous knowledge gleaned from the New Black Panther Party handbook, which they then use to create judgmental relationship memes with typos in them. But at the end of the night, they still tryin’ to fuck like $200 date Twitter.

Eddie (played by Cedric The Entertainer)
“Fuck Your Feelings Twitter”

Eddie is an OG but these types have no age restrictions. The closest they get to political correctness is using white out on a voter registration ballot. Their sole mission is to get these jokes off, so the only side of an issue they take is the one most likely to offend. Oh, and if you let them they’ll fuck you after they fuck your feelings.

Calvin & Rashad (played by Ice Cube and Common):
“Over 40 Twitter”

Stubborn and pretty set in their ways, most of their time is spent debating  whether it’s ok to beat their kids to keep them out of gangs while trying to convince their wives that they’re not sliding in someone’s DMs. (They will favorite the shit out of you, though.) When they’ve had enough you can find them retreating to the Instagram titty bar.

These are just 5 that we saw, and there is definitely overlap between the characters, but we’re sure you can pick out more. Go and see Barbershop: The Next Cut  this Friday and tell us which Twitter tropes you find.

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