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Lupe Fiasco Gives an Introduction to “Drogas”


Update: While we await Drogas, Lupe Fiasco has taken to Soundcloud to release a series of conversations that go down during his creative process. In the latest, Conversations #2 focuses on an exchange on the division of conscious hip-hop and rap that deals with the typical drugs, alcohol, and partying vices and finding a balance between the two. Though the convo took place “live on the scene back in 2013,” the topic is still very relevant today.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco’s Conversations below:

Last night, Lupe Fiasco took to his Instagram to share that he is indeed working on his forthcoming album, Drogas.

“Where do we begin? Where do we begin to tell the story,” said Lupe — who is currently on tour. “It’s a deep story. You know? It’s gonna take some time. We’ll get it right though. Drogas.” If you listen carefully, you can hear the Chicago rapper playing a track from the album in the background.

Drogas — which stands for “Don’t Ruin Us God Said” —will be the first of the three albums Lupe plans on releasing in 2016. Checkout Lupe Fiasco’s introduction to Drogas below:

"Introductions" #DROGAS :The Story Of An Album

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