Daz Dillinger Blames Katt Williams For Suge Knight’s Legal Problems

Daz Dillinger’s relationship with his former cohorts at Death Row Records has had its peaks and valleys over the years. Earlier this week, Daz flared things up again during an interview with DPG Uncut TV. After talking about things he’s learned from Suge Knight over the years, he said he doesn’t feel bad that Suge’s in jail now.

“Katt Williams is out here fuckin’ up right now…so that led to him gettin’ caught up in Katt’s bullshit,” Dillinger said. “Suge started doin’ drugs; weed, alcohol, ecstasy, pills. When he was CEO [of Death Row Records], he did’t do none of that shit.”

Katt Williams has been popping in and out of the news recently for his various arrests and implied drug problems, while Suge Knight has been locked up since being convicted in a hit-and-run on the set of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton last year. Check the video interview above.

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