Elzhi Tells Haters To “Keep Dreaming” In The Latest Verse Behavior

In our latest Verse Behavior video Detroit’s own Elzhi discusses his song “Keep Dreaming,” the final track from his stellar album Lead Poison.  Elzhi’s journey to completing this project was fraught with various difficulties from depression to angry, impatient fans who helped fund it via Kickstarter. But for anyone who thought he was down and out this song was a perfect response.

“I had a lot of things I was going through, a few things I was struggling with,” he tells WatchLOUD. “When I did the Kickstarter I really didn’t speak out on what I was going through at that time and because I didn’t, people kind of thought what they thought because they didn’t hear anything from me. Some people created a rumor that I ran off with the money and that it was a scam. But I knew that once everything was brought to light that it would be ok.”

Watch the full clip above.

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