10 Reasons NetherRealm Must Hate Players Of “Injustice: Gods Among Us”


In 2013 Warner Brothers Games and NetherRealm studios released a top-notch fighting game featuring heroes and villains from the DC comics universe, Injustice Gods Among Us. In the three years since the debut the mobile version of the game has become a popular download across iOS and Android platforms. I have personally been playing since early 2015 and can safely say that I’m addicted. I grew up playing Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat on consoles and the idea that I can do the same thing on my phone or iPad during my commutes to work is a dream come true.

The problem is sometimes the dream is a nightmare. Like all good pushers the NetherRealm team has a habit of pissing off their customers every time they tinker with the product. We like the raw, pure uncut shit and they keep trying to cut it. After playing for over a year and observing comments on the Injustice Facebook page, I’m convinced that NetherRealm really doesn’t like us and are really placing bets on how long they can keep putting rubber bands around this watermelon before it explodes.

Here are the 10 major injustices about playing Injustice: Gods Among Us.

10. Online Hackers.

At press time this character had not been officially released yet but here he is with 90 Million credits burning a hole in his non-existent pockets.

Online Battle mode is overrun with hackers who play with characters that aren’t even released yet and maxed out gears that help cheaters literally win matches with one punch. In their effort to remove hackers moderators end up banning regular players and the top spots in The Leader Boards are still filled with teams that equate to Superman with The Infinity Gauntlet. Yes, I just mixed two things that don’t match like your uncle on Easter and that’s how frustrating this is. How do you fight this? See the next gripe…

9. Making new characters impossible to get.


I get that the new “freemium” model for revenue in games is to get people to spend real money in order to advance, but the tactics employed in IJ Mobile are just lame. Certain characters like Reverse Flash and Metahuman Flash are only obtainable if you spend $20 for a card pack. But a big part of the game is leveling up characters to improve their stats and you can only do this by buying more cards or “winning” them in online multi-player, which is stacked in the favor of the aforementioned hackers. After a few months in the store these characters should be made available in a challenge mode where they can be won fair and square or at least bought with credits.

8. Requiring Credits for Challenges.

Injustice Challenge Credits

And speaking of Challenge Mode, your team has done away with this annoying practice of requiring special credits for challenges in Mortal Kombat X mobile, so you know how stupid this. Anyone advancing in the challenge has already finished the normal mode, so still forcing them to farm for credits in order to play the challenge is just unnecessary. At the very least allow us to earn challenge credits when we’re enduring the futility of Online Battle.

7. Making new characters upgradeable only in Booster Packs.


This latest round of challenges with Dawn Of Justice Superman and Wonder Woman were bittersweet. On one hand you gave us two really good characters with great passive abilities, but then you make them only upgradeable in Booster packs that, as of right now, you have to purchase with real money. The only one who wins in this scenario are the hackers who will upgrade them for free and just go Negan on the rest of us in Online Battle. Thanks.

6. Playing games with Batman.


And not the games we like. On September 27th you dedicated an entire day to a sale on the various Batman skins but when you offer genuinely new Batmans you make them impossible to get. Arkham Knight Batman was only available in booster packs and then not at all. So we figured a challenge would come after the Arkham Harley challenge. Nope. After The Arkham Knight challenge? Keep dreaming. Same with Dawn Of Justice Baffleck. We got challenges for DOJ Superman and DOJ Wonder Woman but have to rely on the luck of the Booster Pack to get DOJ Batman. Booster packs have the drop rate of carnival claw games. For real. So again, the only time I even see these characters is when I’m feeling masochistic enough to play Online Multi-player for some attainable (but now outmoded) gear or Ares for the 10th time.

5. The Kahndaq Black Adam

Kahndaq Black Adam Injustice

The fun of unlocking new versions of old characters is seeing what new moves they have, active or passive. You already made the original Black Adam Regime one of the weakest gold level characters in the game (even at maxed out level 7 he has less health than a level 4 Gold Doomsday) and this new Kahndaq Black Adam is just a useless clone without the cape. He has the exact same moves, his passive power drain is inconsistent and the lightning “damage” over time is more like shooting static cling from a dryer sheet. Plus we know that when the Shazam! movie comes out you’ll be doing another movie tie-in (like with Dawn Of Justice) so why not just put some more thought into it, get The Rock skin and come back when we really care. He was just as unwarranted as the Justice League Wonder Woman you released RIGHT before DOJ Wonder Woman.

4. Nerfing Red Lantern Hal Jordan


The Red Lantern Hal Jordan was one of the most unique new characters you’d added in a while. Was. Special moves drawing from life force instead of power was an interesting quirk that required some strategy to deploy. Plus the damage he dished out justified the risk/reward of draining his life to use it. But then you made him useless in an update. Now he packs all the punch of Harley Quinn on muscle relaxers. You’ve reduced him to a bulimic vampire that is better suited to a Twilight cameo.

3. Survivor Mode gears.


Creating a Survivor Mode with a chance to win special gear was a nice addition, especially for advanced players looking for ways to even the odds with the hackers. But then you went and made those gears more readily available to the same hackers who just max them out and use them to spawn new lives over and over. The drop rate for a complete set is so low you might as well not offer them. Lastly, 2x credits is a really crappy incentive to keep playing after waiting 24 hours for the mode to reset, and it comes up more than anything else on the wheel.

2. The Survivor Pack.


Like all good despots you gave the people the illusion of choice with the “Players Choice” contest on Facebook but we all know this was rigged from the jump. Everyone wanted that Team Frost with Raven and you know it. But anyone who has ever run a Facebook poll knows that “liking” is always preferred to sharing and the sharing loses 9 times out of ten. Then in the final matchup you had a team with two Scorpion characters, which are very hard to get, against a team that included a silver level Deathstroke?? And Then you make the pack 670,000 credits and hasn’t been swapped out since it premiered in December. If I want to play with Scorpion I’ll play Mortal Kombat X. Get a new pack in there already.

1. Not releasing Injustice 2

DOJ wonderwoman vs superman

Based on reading the comments on Facebook the only people who have more to be mad at than the mobile players are the console folks who couldn’t get an upgrade even with Beyonce’s help. There used to be unlockable characters that offered some incentive for the console fans to play mobile but that hasn’t been the case for a long time. After three years it’s safe to say the door is open for a sequel. It’s obvious from the new gears and moves of recent characters (ie Apokolips Darkseid’s Black Racer) that you’re thinking outside the box for ways to improve game play and make it more three dimensional. It’s time to focus that energy into a new game for both consoles and mobile and leave this one for the noobs to practice on.

Understand that I’m writing all of this because I actually LIKE the game and do not want it to suck. If I didn’t like it I’d just stop playing and delete the app (like I did with Marvel Contest Of Champions months ago). I get that the all mighty dollar rules and you want to make some money off of this game, but there’s no way to make money off of a fan base that is vocally miserable.

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