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ODB Jr. Reminisces on His Last Moments with His Father and ODB’s Last Album


In an interview with Vlad TV, ODB Jr. touched on his last moments with his father—which included watching ODB get high for the very last time. “I use to smoke weed when I was younger,” recalls the 26 year old rapper. “But this was different. My father was doing it in front of me and looking dead in my eye.”

Shortly after that moment, ODB died from an overdose. “It happened out of nowhere, it was so quick.” When asked if his upbringing was rough, the 26 year old rapper stated, “It’s always been rough. Let’s say if my dad had $50,000, we still fucked up.”

ODB Jr. has released his latest single,”Hustler“, and is currently working on his upcoming Young Thug diss. Checkout the interview below:


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