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Is Birdman Dropping a Lil Wayne Diss Today?


Update: It looks like Birdman wants his respeck and his coins too. Last night, he took to Instagram to announce a clothing line featuring quotes from his now classic Breakfast Club interview. You can cop yourself a “Put Some Respek On My Name,” “Finish Or You Done,” and “I Ain’t Gonna Say It No Mo” t-shirt or hoodie here.


Do you remember when you worked on a group project and someone else took all the credit for it? Well, it seems like that’s what Birdman is doing on his latest track, “Fuk Em”.


After his hilarious interview with The Breakfast Club last week, it’s easy to think that “Fuk Em” is a diss to the Power 105.1 stars but the lyrics paint a different picture.

“Who put this shit together, nigga? me, that’s who / Who took nothing turned it into something, that started with nothing? me, that’s who / Who made niggas millionaires and they ain’t had nothing before I met ’em and then I made ’em rich or something, nigga? me, that’s who / Who went to the penitentiary caught five and had 15 and came out with ten on paper? me, that’s who / Who come from uptown movin’ birds, puttin’ in work gettin’ to work, nigga? me, that’s who / Who sold a billion records, nigga? me, thats who / Who was 16 nigga with a mil cash, nigga? me, that’s who.”

Is it safe to say that Birdman is throwing shade at some of his Cash Money artists? Maybe even Wayne? “Fuk Em” is set to drop on World Star Hip Hop later today and will be featured on Birdman’s upcoming album, Ms. Gladys.

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