A Brief History Of Rappers And The Secret Service

Guerilla Black

Rappers love the goddamn White House; Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, and even Kendrick Lamar can tell you that. But over hip-hop’s lifetime, the Secret Service has proven time and time again that it doesn’t love them back. Earlier this week, Cali’s own YG became the latest rapper under Uncle Sam’s eye for recording he and Nipsey Hustle’s “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump),” which prompted the Secret Service to harass his label for the lyrics to his next solo project Still Krazy. 

Hit the jump below to see some other examples of rappers dealing with the nation’s oldest counter intelligence agency.


50 Cent

50 Cent

Fiddy’s rollercoaster financial situation has just about everyone confused, especially the guys upstairs. After posting fake money to his Instagram back in March, he claimed that the Secret Service was in his ear asking whether or not the money was counterfeited.

Pro Era


President Obama’s daughter Malia in a Pro Era t-shirt is possibly one of the biggest hip-hop endorsements of all time. When the picture first turned up on Pro Era’s Instagram back in January 2015, the Secret Service got on their case about where the photo came from. That “mutual friend” is the most honorable of plugs.

Chris Brown


Ol’ Breezy’s patented douchebaggery gets him more attention than his music these days. In an incident from 2013, Brown was accused of punching a man in the nose and almost spent time behind bars – except that a Secret Service agent who *just* so happened to be watching offered up an alibi to save him.


eminem encore

YG isn’t even the first rapper to have his lyrics checked by the government. Back in his Encore days, Eminem caught some heat from the Secret Service over some unsubtle bars from the unreleased track “We Are Americans:” “Fuck money, I don’t rap for dead presidents/I’d rather see the president dead.

Koryell Lamontae


And speaking of unsubtle, even local rappers are having the Secret Service knock their doors down. North Carolina rapper Koryell Lamontae Williams didn’t even make a song, instead phoning in a death threat to President Barack Obama before being apprehended by local agents.

Guerrilla Black


Guerrilla Black might not be remembered much for his music, but he managed to scam enough people out of money to get arrested by the Secret Service in Manhattan. He was convicted back in 2013 and is currently serving a nine-year stint in prison.

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