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Just Blaze has TWO Albums Worth of New Jay Z Music

Smith shops for records at Good Records in Manhattan's East Village.   The shop is one of the last standing record stores in the city where Smith can still go to find samples for his music.

In an interview with Spin Magazine, Just Blaze spoke about his work on Beyonce’s “Freedom” and casually mentioned that he has two albums worth of unreleased Jay Z music.

“A lot of people, when they work with Beyoncé or artists of that stature in general, there’s usually a number of [Non-Disclosure Agreements] involved and you go through a process. With me, there wasn’t much of any of that because I’ve known her for years and I’ve worked with Jay for almost 14, 15 years,” said Just Blaze. “Obviously, it’s never going to be an issue of security with me. I mean, I have at least two albums worth of Jay Z material sitting in my vault. So it’s not that they ever have to worry about me leaking records or releasing information. I give people sneak peeks when it’s appropriate or when the artists want to do it.”

Back in March, Just Blaze dropped an unreleased Jay Z track from BP3 during his MikiDz set. Will we ever get to hear the rest of the Hov music that Just Blaze has locked in the vault? Who knows. In the meantime, you can checkout the legend’s set during MikiDz’s show below.

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