How Mia X Helped Dee-1 & Lupe Fiasco Become Friends

Dee-1 just released the video for his remix to the 2014 track “Against Us” featuring appearances from his friends Lupe Fiasco and Big K.R.I.T. In part two of our interview with the New Orleans spitter he talks about the motivation for the song and how he got the two lyrical heavy weights—and his 86-year-old grandfather—on the song.

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“‘Against Us’ is a declaration that we will not settle for people trying to stereotype us and put us in a box just because we are rappers and Black men and we’re different from what most people are doing,” he tells WatchLOUD. “We’re gonna be doper, we’re gonna be louder and a force to be reckoned with to the point where the message we want to get out to the world can’t be stopped. There’s strength in numbers, that’s why we’re coming together. We’re like, yo, everybody who is about that realness, if you ain’t for us then you’re against us. It’s a movement.”

Dee-1 says he first met Lupe on a flight to New York back in 2012, but the two established a stronger bond later on in New Orleans when Lupe was in town to perform at Xavier University. No Limit rap vet Mia X (who is now a chef) cooked the two artists dinner. “Once you come to the crib you fam.”

Dee-1 says met Big K.R.I.T when he was recording at Tree Sounds Studios in Atlanta, Georgia when Dee-1 was being managed by Grand Hustle’s Jason Jeter. “The energy matches to where it never feels like a forced relationship,” he says of K.R.I.T.

However, even with these two boldfaced names on the track, the cherry on top for Dee-1 was having his grandfather bookend the song with his proud baritone.

“For us that have that close connection with our elders it kind of immortalizes them. Just to hear their voice, even when they’re gone in the physical they’ll always live on through that.”

Watch the full interview above and the video to “Against Us”(Remix) below.

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