Hot, Risky Dreams: Needlz & Donut Share Their Favorite Snacks

NeedlzDonut That Thing

With a name like Donut, it’s easy to imagine that producer Brandon “Donut” Bell likes the fried confections as much as anyone. But which ones are his favorite?

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“I can’t live without donuts because they’re freakin’ amazing. I’m not gonna say, just give me a glazed donut and a donut sponsorship,” he jokes. “I actual know who makes the best donut but if the donut people want to hit me up I’ll let them know. But it rhymes with ‘unkin’…”

His partner Needlz was less cryptic in revealing his sugary vice, a Japanese candy.
“Every time I come to New York I get it. It’s called ‘Hi-Chew’ now but when I used to live here back in ’07 it was in Japanese writing. I used to go to this one place–I only eat the grape. Every week I’d make a trip and buy ten of these things. Over the years I’ve bought so much Hi-Chew now they’ve become commercial and you see them everywhere. And I think I’m responsible for that.”

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