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Death Grips Debut “Eh” With Zane Lowe On Apple Music

Death Grips Trash

UPDATE: Death Grips just dropped another single that you don’t have to call a hotline to hear. Check the Apple Music premiere of “Eh” below: 

Over the course of eight projects, Death Grips have been known to keep their fans on the edge of their seats – sometimes to a fault. Today (May 5), the Sacremento hip-hop/punk outfit dropped the latest single from their upcoming album Bottomless Pit called “Trash,” but you’ll have to dust off that phone app if you wanna hear it.

Don’t believe us? Try calling 1-844-278-7255 and press 1 to hear the song; press 2 to hear a radio broadcast, press 3 to leave a message, and press 4 to have a woman explain to you how to “touch the world of caged pillows.” Bottomless Pit is out via Harvest Records tomorrow, May 6.

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