How Masta Ace Feels About KRS-One and MC Shan’s New Battle

Several weeks ago MC Shan rekindled his classic MC battle with KRS-One on the Murder Master Music Show insisting that he was not on the losing end of the historic“Bridge Wars” between Boogie Down Productions, lead by KRS-One, and his Juice Crew. The response was allegedly inspired by comments the Blast Master made comparing Shan to LL Cool J during a show, but was not a direct attack. Nevertheless Shan’s recorded a diss song to KRS which prompted the response “Still Huggin A Nut.” Shan answered and KRS came back with  another diss called “Take Em Out.” It seemed entertaining at the time but one of their peers is taking the stance that it needs to stop.

Masta Ace, who became a member of Shan’s Juice Crew when he jumped on “The Symphony” in ’88 doesn’t want the battle to continue.

“I want no parts of any of it. I want it to stop. Chris, please, Shan, please. Stop. The battle happened a long time ago. It was a good battle. We liked it. Please, no mas.” Masta Ace is no stranger to battles himself (take a listen to “Acknowledge” for a breakdown) but he feels this particular scrap has passed its prime.

“There is a video for KRS performing in Atlanta and Shan is on stage with him. This happened ten or twelve years ago. KRS is performing ‘The Bridge Is Over’ on stage with Shan doing ad-libs. Once that happens it’s officially squashed when you get on stage to perform with a guy who is dissing you and you’re doing ad-libs…once that happens it’s squashed. It’s over. We good. But that’s me.”

Masta Ace is preparing to release his first official solo album since 2004’s Long Hot Summer, the semi-autobiographical The Falling Season.

Watch the clip of Masta Ace and KRS-ONE performing with MC Shan below:

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