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5 Things We Learned From Chance The Rapper & Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Complex Interview

Lin-Manuel Miranda Chance The Rapper

As self-yde men, Chance The Rapper and Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda are kindred spirits. They’ve both broken ground an established new precedents in their respective fields (hip-hop and Broadway) and they’ll be coming together in ways that I don’t think we can comprehend yet.

The two are on the cover of the June/July issue of Complex and did a joint interview about new fatherhood, music, and politics. Check out some tidbits below and make sure to read the whole interview here.

Chance believes that Chance 3 will be better than Surf 

Chance The Rapper Chance 3

C: Yeah. This stuff is way better than Surf. I’ll say that on record. Donnie [Trumpet] is awesome, and the project was awesome, but this is all of us focusing our efforts into some very hip-hop and very dance-y shit, and it feels good. So I’m excited about that.

Hamilton will be heading to more cities

Hamilton Chance

LM: I’m just trying to get as many people to see Hamilton as possible. I know how tough it is to get a ticket in New York, so our priority is getting Chicago up and running, then West End, running in London fall of next year.

Chance and Lin think Obama should run for Mayor of Chicago

Chance Obama

C: He makes a lot of great, nonpartisan decisions and he’s obviously spent a lot of time in Chicago on the South Side. This might sound weird, but Lin can probably attest to this—when you meet Barack, when you talk to him, you can tell he’s a very good man, you know? I met him when I was really young, and I still have that same impression when I see him nowadays. It would be awesome having a good man represent the city because I feel like we haven’t had that since Harold Washington. Mayor [Richard] Daley was sick too. But, yeah, it would be awesome. There are a lot of people that need him in Chicago and the city, overall, needs it.

LM: To go from the presidency, back to Chicago, would be huge.

Lin doesn’t believe there was a “golden age” of politics

Lin-Manuel Chance

LM: We pretend there was this golden age of politics, and it was never so. We devolved into the two-party system about six months after we started becoming one country, so that actually gives me hope. It’s always been like this.

Chance saw Hamilton while sitting next to Quentin Tarantino

C: I fucking sat next to Quentin Tarantino. So dope. And I met Molly Ringwald. But back to the play, the play is amazing.

LM: I haven’t met Quentin Tarantino. Damn.

C: It was sick. He was at your show. I don’t know him that well! [Laughs.] I just said “Excuse me” to him a lot.


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