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DJ Khaled Speaks on the Keys to Success, Beyoncè and More with New York Times

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DJ Khaled is having a huge year. From becoming the king of Snapchat to being the opening act on Beyonce’s Formation tour, it’s safe to say that Khaled is winning— and he isn’t scared to admit it.

“Basically, I’m one of the greatest producers ever. And I’m also one of the greatest D.J.s ever. And I’m also one of the best executives ever,” he said. In an interview with The New York Times Magazine the mogul shared his keys to success, who “they” is, and working with Beyoncè.

Though he’s usually a man of many words, when it comes to Beyoncè, Khaled gets shy. “I’m very quiet. Every time I’ve ever seen her is when I’m with my brother Jay Z, and I just say, “Hi,” and I look the other way so fast, and I kind of run,” he says. “I just don’t want to say nothing too much. I’m not messing that up.” Smart man.


Read the rest of DJ Khaled’s interview with The New York Times Magazine here.


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