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Boosie Badazz Blames Oral Surgery For His Altered Appearance In Ohio


Musical doubles/imposters are more prevalent in the concert scene than we think. This past weekend, fans were ready to add Boosie Badazz to that list when what looked like an imposter played a show in Ohio.

“The club advertised for months that Boosie was going to perform, and like many others, I just didn’t appreciate be taken as a fool,” one fan complained. “I felt bad for the imposter because by the time he finished that one Lil Boosie song, that he lip synced the entire time, the club was practically empty.”


Booze took to his Instagram an hour ago to explain that it was indeed him playing that night, but that he’d just undergone oral surgery and looked different. He hadn’t even posted to his social media accounts because his face was so swollen. Check his explanation below:

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