Havoc On “Partnering” With Alchemist, 2 Chainz & Kanye West

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Havoc of Mobb Deep picked the perfect name for his new album. Silent Partner, his new collaborative project with Alchemist (Mobb’s unofficial third member since the late ’90s), is the first time the MC and producer has recorded an album entirely over someone else’s beats.

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“Not too many people might know this but I love to rap over other people’s tracks verses my own. It’s like cooking. You can be in the kitchen cooking all day and when it’s all done you don’t even feel like eatin’,” Havoc says of the project they banged out in California over the course of a month.

But just as interesting, is that he is quietly having one of his best years ever, landing two co-production credits on Kanye’s TLOP (“Famous” and “Real Friends) and an unreleased track with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne called “Bars.”

“I’ve been in contact with 2 Chainz for a little while now. He stepped to me for some tracks about two years ago. I went to the studio and played him a few tracks, but unfortunately they didn’t make his album. As of late him and Lil Wayne been working on a project and so I guess he had a bunch of my tracks sittin’ around so I figured they wanted a little East Coast, NY feel,” he says of the track that was first mentioned in an interview 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne did with Genius.com. “I spoke to 2 Chainz a while ago and asked him if he used any of the tracks for his album and he said no. But he’d keep me in mind. Then I heard that him and Lil Wayne jumped on the track. That’s what’s up. I haven’t heard it yet though.”

Watch Havoc talk about working with Alchemist and what he learned working with Kanye West on TLOP.



Silent Partner is available for pre-order and will be in stores on May 20th (one day before his birthday).



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