Who Scared Drake More: Ellen DeGeneres or Ashton Kutcher?

Drake Scared

TV host Ellen DeGeneres thought it would be a great idea to give Drake’s enemies more meme fodder by unleashing a human jack-in-the Box on the Canadian rap star during their latest interview.

drake ellen 2

Drake Ellen Scared

But this wasn’t the first time Drake has reconsidered wearing waterproof pants on television. Back in 2012 Ashton Kutcher had Drake on MTV’s “Punk’d,” luring him with the lie that he’d be meeting the Vice President. Sitting in the back of a black SUV Drake thought he was being driven by the Secret Service, breaking the silence with YOLO jokes. Seriously. But instead the SUV gets caught in a fake earth quake and Drizzy is abandoned by the agents in an underground parking garage.

“I thought we were going to get blown up! That’s my first earthquake bro.”

Before you can ask how an earthquake could blow you up, after shocks lead to a pregnant woman getting tasered by her husband and Drake is looking for the exit like Kyle Lowry in game one of the Easter Conference finals.

So who got Drake worse? Ashton’s prank was way more elaborate but did it pack the same punch as Ellen’s Jump Man remix?

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