The ‘Preacher’ Characters We Hope Make It Onto The Show

Preacher AMC Jesse Custer

Comic book adaptations are the go-to big-budget draw in Hollywood right now, but few of those have been in development as long as Preacher. The 64-issue series by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon was lewd, gory, and blasphemous in ways that many comics this side of Spawn wouldn’t dare to be. The story of Jesse Custer, a Texas preacher and alcoholic who’s lost his faith before being possessed by a godly spirit and trying to track down God, garnered a devoted cult following that has dealt with peaks and valleys of excitement over an adaptation of some kind for over a decade.

The new TV series finally premiered last night (May 22) to a big online response, proving that it could be a good companion to AMC’s established titan The Walking Dead. The show’s humor, action, and cast pulled people in, and while the plot and content of the original comics is getting a massive tune-up for the show, there’s still quite a few characters who we’re hoping pop up throughout the series.


1. Herr Starr
Preacher Herr Starr

The second-in-command and eventual leader of a religious cult called The Grail, Herr Starr is one of the main antagonists in the comics. He’s a perverted former member of GSG-9 who wants to use Custer’s abilities to become leader of The Grail – but not before Starr suffers every kind of decapitation and humiliation possible.

2. The Saint Of Killers

Preacher The Saint Of Killers

An assassin ordained by The Devil himself, The Saint Of Killers is a spirit who directs new souls who have died of violence to the afterlife – and he’s got one hell of a grudge. He’s nigh-invulnerable (he takes no damage when he has a nuke dropped on his head) and has a pair of Walker Colt revolvers that never run out of ammo and never miss their target. If the fantastical element is sticking around, expect to see The Saint kicking around.

3. Christina Custer
Preacher Christina Custer

Jesse Custer had a very short-lived relationship with his parents in the comic; his father was killed in front of him when he was a boy and his mother went missing shortly after that. While in the town of Salvation, TX, a local bartender turns out to be Custer’s mother Christina, who had lost her arm to an alligator and gained a newfound chip on her shoulder. The familial element of Preacher is a big part of the story’s heart, so hopefully Mama Custer gets her due.

4. Cindy Daggett

Preacher Cindy Daggett

Another resident of Salvation is Officer Cindy Daggett, Jesse’s partner when he becomes sheriff. She’s as tough and multi-layered a character as Tulip is, and especially considering the fact that Tulip is Black now, having yet another African-American woman in the cast couldn’t hurt.

5. The Duke

Preacher The Duke

All throughout the comic, Custer has conversations with “The Duke,” an imaginary pastiche of John Wayne who gives him advice and recaps big plot points. That element would make the series interesting, but a re-working where he isn’t constantly doling out gay slurs would make him an awesome addition to the TV series.

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