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Jay Z On The “All The Way Up” Remix Is So New York…


Jay Z and Fat Joe officially squashed a decade long feud that can be dated back to 2003’s Rucker basektball tournament where their respective teams were supposed to square off. The two heavyweights were spotted flicking it up Beyonce’s “Formation” tour a few weeks ago, but no hip-hop beef is officially squashed til they do a song together. And if Fat Joe and Remy Ma can reconcile to make a hit record after what they went through, there’s no reason that two of The Big Apple’s biggest OGs couldn’t bury the hatchet for the good of the city. So the remix to Joe and Remy’s “All The Way Up” featuring Blue Ivy’s dad premiered on Tidal during a Yankees game tonight.

“It had to happen,” Fat Joe told Billboard magazine. “It was something on my bucket list forever. God blessed us and it came true. I couldn’t sleep this morning because I’m so happy for the people.”

This is the the most New York thing to happen since Spike Lee threw a trash can through Sal’s window.

This is so New York that Bill de Blasio just hopped the turnstile in unlaced Timbs to ride the 2 train from Brooklyn to the BX.

This is so New York that Mekhi Phifer is raising money for Sonny’s Ransom right now.

It’s so New York that after one listen The Knicks are now offering a max contract to a 7-footer with a six-inch vertical.

It’s so New York that The Avengers are getting blamed for it.

This is so New York that the New Yorkers not on Tidal are gonna buy bootleg tapes of it off a piece of cardboard on their way to work tomorrow.

Good job people.


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