T-Pain Reveals How Much Lil Wayne & Birdman Used To Bet On ‘Madden’

T-Pain Lil Wayne

T-Pain may have been out of the spotlight for a minute, but he’s still been on his grind. Last night (May 24), he took a break to play the new iteration of DOOM and streamed it via Twitch. While I stared at my screen and seething with jealousy, the Tallahassee, Florida crooner started talking about his days working with Lil’ Wayne and Birdman – and the bets they’d throw down on games of “Madden.”

But these weren’t your average $50 bets, no. T-Pain says Weezy and Baby would throw down $10,000 on games of virtual football that they wouldn’t even play. “They would just let the computers play each other,” Pain said while running aimlessly through a “Doom” dungeon. That’s right – the two would choose teams and bet on teams that they weren’t even playing as.

It’s hard to imagine that Weezy and Baby used to be close (and rich) enough that they’d throw down that crazy money on a football sim, but here we are. Check out the clip below. 

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