Ugly Heroes Learn How To Say Sorry In “Unforgiven” Video

Ugly Heroes

Ugly Heroes – the trio composed of producer Apollo Brown and MCs Red Pill and Verbal Kent – have approached boom-bap with a workmanlike sharpness since their 2013 self-titled debut, and the three singles they’ve dropped, most recently the somber “Unforgiven,” prove that they’ve still got it where it counts.

Mello Music Group dropped the multi-tiered video for “Unforgiven” yesterday (May 25), isolated vignettes from Pill and Kent that both deal with the grief and misunderstanding that can come with accepting an apology. Andy “Orange Cap” Miller gives the visuals the kind of noir-thriller grit you’d expect from a song like this; we’ll be in our feelings for sure when Everything In Between drops on June 24. Peep the video below and check out

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