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There is a Petition to Get OutKast Perform During Super Bowl 53


The NFL recently announced the future Super Bowl locations at an owners’ meetings. While next year’s Super Bowl LI will be held in Houston, Atlanta is the location for Super Bowl LIII.

Could you imagine a halftime show with OutKast? No really, imagine Andre 3000 and Big Boi performing tracks like “Hey Ya,” “I Like the Way You Move,” “Ms. Jackson,” and “The Whole World” alongside the rest of the Dungeon Family? Well, a few fans on Twitter can.

Dustin Spa, a huge OutKast fan, has started a petition to get OutKast to perform at the Superbowl LII halftime show on Change.org.

According to the petition:

“No one represents Atlanta like OUTKAST. They are the greatest group of all time, who better to perform at the halftime show in their hometown? (Well Big Boi is from Savannah but you get the point) Share on all social media and make this happen.”

The petition is only asking for 100 signatures, but we’re sure a few ATLiens fans can help to surpass that goal. Sign the petition here.


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