Dumbfoundead Confronts The “Safe” Notion Of Hollywood Whitewashing

Dumbfoundead Safe GoT

Hollywood whitewashing is a big problem that many have finally started to speak out against in recent years, and MC Dumbfoundead is adding his voice (and face) to the conversation.

He got off to a good start earlier this year in the documentary Bad Rapwhere he and fellow spitters Lyricks, Awkwafina, and Rekstizzy spoke on the biases Asian-Americans face in the hip-hop industry. Yesterday (May 26), Dumbfoundead took it a step further with the gracefully blunt video for his newest single “Safe.”

“The other night, I watched the Oscars/And the roster where the only yellow men were all statues,” he says, referencing this year’s past Academy Awards where Asians were the butt of some crazy insensitive jokes. DFD is fighting fire with fire here, slapping his face over characters from Pulp Fiction, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Fast and the Furious, Iron Man, and many more.

The single itself is available for purchase on iTunes, so does this mean we can expect a new project in the future?

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