Snootie Wild Explains Pimp C & A$AP Yams Lyrics On “Beetlejuise”


Memphis rapper Snootie Wild premiered his new song “Beetljuise” on Sirius XM yesterday. While the title is borrowed from the 1988 film starring Michael Keaton about a mischievous poltergeist, the latest track from Team Yayo is another ode to the recreational drink lean.

“Everybody knows what our favorite drink is out there in a dope styrofoam cup,” Snootie tells WatchLOUD. “Some people mix their flavors up and it turns a different color. They got that new green out there. We mixed the green with the yellow it turned orange so we started naming it Beetljuise. We mixing our mud together and make it do what it do.”

However, what may give some listeners pause are the direct references to the late Pimp C and A$AP yams, whose deaths are attributed to complications from consuming the codeine-laced drink.

I drink that shit til I’m dead…rest in peace to Pimp C and A$AP Yams/ pour out a 2 liter, I’m about to go ham.

“It’s the same drug that Pimp C and A$AP Yams passed off of. So it’s not just something that we’re promoting far as ‘this is what you need to drink.’ But we just letting them know this our culture. Shout out to them cats, we letting people know that people are dying off this. At the same time Beetljuise could mean anything. So you don’t have to just be drinking lean to be screaming out you’re drinking Beetljuise. Whatever your preference is, if it’s Hennessy, if it’s Ciroc..you can call that Beetljuise. So when you’re in the club and they feel that energy and they got that glass in the air, that’s what they screaming.”

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As for the actual movie, Snootie drew some rather interesting inspiration from the wiley ghost.

“Beetlejuice was just not giving up on what he was trying to do and be free. That reminded me of me. When I watched the old movie,  I caught it in my hotel waiting on a flight, and [saw] how content he was and consistent he was in trying to be free. The energy he had had reminded me of me. You gotta say my name three times—Snootie Wild, Snootie Wild, Snootie Wild and then it’s show time.”

Watch the full video below.

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