5 Reasons Why Kevin Durant Needs To Apologize To Lil’ B

Kevin Durant center

May 26, 2011 will go down as one of the most infamous dates in sports history for the most non-sports reason. This is the day that rapper Lil B tweeted the now ubiquitous statement cursing NBA star Kevin Durant.


The retaliation was a late but pointed response to this tweet from Kevin Durant in January of that year:

“I tried to listen to Lil B and my mind wouldn’t let me do it…can’t believe this guy is relevant.”

There was some initial skepticism as to how effective a curse from a rapper/basketball fan could be on one of the most dominant talents in the NBA. But as time would come to show, it was very, very effective.

The timing of Lil B’s curse is a story in itself. The hammer came down the day after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost the Western Conference Finals to the Dallas Mavericks, four games to one:

  • May 17th lose to Mavs 121 to 112, Durant had 40 points
  • May 19th beat Mavs 106 to 100, Durant had 24 points
  • May 21st lose to Mavs 93 to 87, Durant had 12 points
  • May 23rd lose to Mavs 112 to 105 in OT, Durant had 29 points
  • May 25 lose to Mavs 100 to 96 Durant had 43 points

So technically Lil B can’t claim responsibility for their first L in 2011. However, the timeline since then has been fairly convincing for the The Based God.

  • 2012: Lost to Heat 1-4 in NBA finals
  • 2013: Lost to Grizzlies 1-4 in Western Conference semi finals 
  • 2014: Lost to Spurs 2-4 in Western Conference finals 
  • 2015:  Missed playoffs because Durant’s season was ended by a foot fracture in March of 2015. 
  • 2016: Lost to Warriors 3-4 Western Conference finals after being up 3 to 1.

Five straight years. Five straight fails. It’s time for Kevin Durant to apologize to Lil B and here is why:

1. Your current teammates deserve better. Your center Steve Adams took a kick in the nuts from Draymond Green only to end up losing to him. 


Yes, he got the satisfaction of  this posterizing dunk, but I think he’d rather have a shot at the ‘chip. Let that man be great.



2. Your future teammates deserve better. With this latest loss the doubts are already rising as to whether you’ll even stay in OKC since you are a free agent this summer. If you do decided to leave it’s just not fair to take this curse with you to the next ball club, and the fans across the nation are hip.

3. Sports Curses are REAL. It took the Boston Red Sox 86 years to break the curse of the Bambino. You don’t have that much time. Wouldn’t you rather make the cover of a real Sports Illustrated for winning?

4. He can do more for you as an ally. We know you wanna rap and he could definitely give your fledging career a boost in that area. His fans are evidence of this. And despite the name of your song “Worried About Tomorrow,” you NEED to be worried about tomorrow. And the next day. And the next five seasons after that. Apologize. 
5. Your mom deserves better. James Harden left you. Westbrook might leave you, but mom is for life. And wherever you play next she will be there cheering you on.

As you’ve already noted, she is the real MVP and just wants to see her son shine. Swallow your pride and get this curse lifted. Or else…

So do what you have to do. Delete the original Tweet and send him an Edible Arrangement. Play him one-one-on. Play him in NBA 2k. Play him in Arch Rivals. It doesn’t matter. Just apologize and lift this curse now.

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