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Cam’ron Elaborates On That Jay Z Line From Kanye’s “30 Hours”

Camron Whookid Shade 45

Cam’ron appeared on DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 show “The Whoolywood Shuffle” to plug his new single with Juelz Santana, “Oh Yeah.” But for the first 10 minutes or so they got into some interesting topics like auditioning for Biggie, why Jay Z and Un Rivera really fell out and Kanye’s verse on “30 Hours” where he talks about rapping for Cam and Jay in the studio before he got signed.

On early Diplomats/Dipset

A friend of mine said he had this kid named Juelz…Jim was always my friend. He had the free crib in the ‘hood…his grandmother passed away (God bless the dead) and so we used to always go to his crib 5H…Ma$e taught Jim how to rhyme…We had a name called “The Legacy” at first. We was feeling shit out but we said Diplomats sounds more sexy, they get to do whatever they want wherever they want.

On meeting Biggie and Un Rivera

When Mase got his deal with Bad Boy my cousin Bloodshed died. Mase said Biggie was looking for artists and he took me up to Big’s house. He had a broken leg at the time and he had two b*tches in the bed with him. That was my audition. I rapped for BIG in his bedroom. He was working on an album so he had mad beats so I rapped for about 20 minutes over 5 or 6 beats…After Biggie died they did a tribute video for BIG in Harlem and his partner was Lance Rivera and I ran up on him saying I was the artist BIG wanted to sign…

When Dame saved him..

At that time I wasn’t doing business with Dame. He was my big brother. We fell out over some street shit. [But] When my shit wasn’t going right at Epic Dame’s shit was real right with Roc-A-Fella, so I humbled myself and said you my brother, I’m sorry for what happened but I need your help. I said they got me jammed for seven albums and I couldn’t get out the deal. So he went up to Epic with me and helped me smooth it out.

The real reason Jay and Un had beef…

This was all over Charlie Baltimore. I’m not gonna get into the details but…Jay liked Charlie Baltimore at one time and that was BIG’s girl.  Un was felling that was the artist and Jay was teaching her the business. Un and Jay shit, they can say it was because a song leaked but it was over Charlie Baltimore.

Kanye West and “30 Hours”

I was mad at Kanye in the beginning because Kanye was shopping beats and I was on Epic still. And I bought a beat from him. But the beat [I bought] he gave to Hov.  I was like this dude here…Kanye gave me the “H-To-The-Izzo” beat. That was my beat then I heard the sh*t on the radio two weeks later. When I got to Roc-A-Fella that was water under the bridge though.

I remember rappin’ for Jay and Cam/Young producer just trying to get his flows off

I remember being nervous to do Victoria Secret/‘Til I pictured everybody with their clothes off

I remember clear as day what he’s talking about and Jay was just really ignorin’ this n*gga so bad. [laughs]Two-way pagers was out back then and Jay is like (holds up hands).  Kanye was rapping his heart out to Jay but Kanye wasn’t a rapper back then, he just did beats…Dame was the one saying Kanye had some shit so he co-signed Kanye and put the album out and believed in his rap skills. That day he was rhyming for me and Jay, Jay was in his phone but I was like in my brain “this n*gga spittin.”

His unique style/pink being normal now

I’m mad confident but I’m not Russell Westbrook confident. I’ve been a belly button [out]. I never gave a fuck what people said. God bless the dead bitches be lovin’ Prince. He stands out because he stands out with his outfits…I remember getting called to speak to a jail in Trenton New Jersey because they started a pink gang bringing in bandanas and shit. I said I can’t go in there to calm that shit down.

Watch the full interview below.

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