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Benzino Recalls the Time Tupac Hijacked The Source Awards


Do you remember how epic The Source Awards used to be? From the fights to the memorable speeches, The Source Awards are definitely a classic piece of hip-hop history.

In an interview with Nore for the Drink Champs podcast, Benzino recalls the time Tupac snatched the mic from Q- Tip during the 1994 Source Awards.

When asked for the breakdown on the classic story, Benzino— the former co-owner of The Source— said Pac and his crew ran down on the sound man as A Tribe Called Quest was accepting their award for Best Hip-Hop group.

“Their man went to the sound man and told the [expletive] ‘Yo, you gonna put this in there’ the Out on Bail song,” he recalls. Benzino remembers being backstage with Total as he heard Pac shout “Yo, throw that shit on. Out on Bail!”

Later that night Pac apologized to ATCQ through the Zulu Nation. Watch Benzino talk about the 1994 Source Awards above.

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