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Meek Mill’s House Arrested Has Been Extended


According to TMZ, Meek Mill is taking another L.

The Philly rapper’s house arrest has been extended for another 8 days due to failing to complete the correct amount of community service hours at the appropriate court mandated places.

Back in March, the court sentenced Meek to 90 days of community service for violating a 2009 drug and gun charge. At that time, Meek was instructed by the judge to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity or with homeless, senior citizens or veterans. Instead, he spent time helping out with the Flint water crisis, visiting schools, and giving motivational speeches. Though those acts of services are both great and impactful to those communities, the judge isn’t having that.

The Philadelphia D.A.’s office will reevaluate Meek’s case once his volunteer work is complete.


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