Pusha T Penned McDonald’s Jingle – And Rapped It

Pusha T

Ever since rap breached the mainstream as the voice of the youth, companies have attempted to siphon that exuberance. McDonald’s is apparently one of those companies, because today, a bombshell of a fun fact was dug up: Micky D’s iconic “I’m lovin’ it” jingle was written by none other than Pusha T.

Steve Stoute and Kaz revealed that little nugget during a stop in with Hot 97 yesterday (June 1).

Birthed from a chance encounter between Push, Justin Timberkale, and The Neptunes under the golden arches, what we all know as a three-second ear worm of a jingle actually had a 60+ second commercial attached to it with Push delivering bars about Big Macs and fries for the ladies. Don’t believe us? Peep it below.

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