Steph Curry & Russell Westbrook Call Foul In NBA Mean Tweets

NBA Mean Tweets Steph Curry

Jimmy Kimmel’s latest edition of “Mean Tweets” comes right in time for the start of the NBA Finals.  Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors took game one against the Cleveland Cavaliers but definitely caught an L from one Twitter user. Watch and read the NBA mean Tweets below.

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NBA Mean Tweets Jalen Rose

Be careful, Jalen does interviews holding a baseball bat.

NBA Mean Tweets Klay Thompson

This is better than being called a Jon B look-a-like.

NBA Mean Tweets Blake Griffin

If you’ve heard (not) Morgan Freeman read “50 Shades of Grey,” this makes total sense. Kinky fuckery.

NBA Mean Tweets Andre Iguodola

Well add this dirty look to the pile, player.

NBa Mean Tweets Westbrook

How this wasn’t about his clothes we’ll never know. And you know damn well you’ve seen Star Wars Russell.

NBA Mean Tweets Reggie Miller

Evidently, the 286th Ferengi Rule of Acquisition is to be your own personal wi-fi hot spot.

NBa Mean Tweets Doc Rivers


NBA Mean Tweets Magic Johnson

Where is the lie?

NBA Mean Tweets Shaq

Sticks and stones may break his bones but Shaq still has more movies than you.

NBA Mean Tweets Steph Curry

Steph IS the Baby Faced Killer tho…

NBA Mean Tweets Mutombo

Dikembe should have T’Challa track down this person’s IP address and pay them a visit.
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