Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson & Sugar Ray Leonard On Arsenio Hall (1989)

Muhammad Ali Arsenio

In 1989 late night talk show host and comedian Arsenio Hall interviewed the Greatest of All Time Muhammad Ali and surprised the boxing legend (at the 9:42 mark) by inviting two fighters who had been influenced by him, Sugar Ray Leonard and Iron Mike Tyson.

Arsenio asked Ali who would have won if he’d fought Mike Tyson in his prime. “I was a dancer, I wasn’t that powerful. I was so fast, but if he hit me…” Ali said feigning a knock out on the couch. However, Mike knew better. The young heavyweight declared, “I’m vain, I know I’m great. But can I tell you something. In this situation every head must bow, every tongue must confess, this is the greatest of all time.”

RIP to the legend.

(This is a shorter clip with slightly better audio)

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