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Killer Mike Is Not Getting His Own TV Show

Killer Mike

UPDATE: Sadly, both Killer Mike and Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco have confirmed that there’s no show with Tim and Eric in the works:

However, Mike still gave us hope for the future:


I remember one of the first times I ever saw Michael “Killer Mike” Render, and it was as an opera singer’s hype man on The Eric Andre Show. I’d been a passive fan for years through Outkast before stumbling across I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II and really appreciating his blend of hard-hitting stories, tongue-in-cheek humor, and social awareness; but seeing him break down opera in blunt terms personified him for me when I got into R.A.P. Music shortly after.

It looks like Mike might be heading in that direction on his own terms soon enough. Buried in a recent Bloomberg interview with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Awesome Show, Great Job! fame and the men behind Abso Lutely Productions, is a tidbit about the duo working with the Run The Jewels rapper on a show. We don’t know what it would be about or whether it’d be scripted, live, improv, or some mutation of the three, but we know it’s coming. Maybe with Adult Swim, considering both parties’ interest in the cable giant.

This is big news for a guy who’s already got a lot on his plate touring virtually non-stop with El-P and DJ Trackstar, running a successful barber shop in Atlanta, and publicly campaigning for potential Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders – and that’s before his family. His work ethic speaks for itself and we can be sure that whatever he’s got coming will be packed with humor and heart.

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