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Lando Chill Drops The Laid-Back “Early In The Morning”

UPDATE: Since I’m still reeling from that Coroner video, Lando Chill’s debut studio album having a title is a comforting feeling.  For Mark, Your Son is a 12-track tribute to a father he never knew, having lost him when he was just three years old. The second single “Early In The Morning” is a joint rolled up on a summer day compared to the dark contemplative night of “Coroner,” and with a twanging jazzy beat backing his sing-song delivery, movement’s sure to follow. Check out the single below and keep For Mark, Your Son on your radar when it drops August 12.    

Arizona-via-Chicago MC/singer Lando Chill has been on his grind since 2014’s Broken On The Wheel. Just two days ago (May 2), Chill took the next step and signed with Mello Music Group, who will be dropping his new album this summer. Check out his first video for the chilling track “Coroner,” which sounds like Kid Cudi mixed with Karen O, below.

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