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9th Wonder’s Five-Part Lecture Series Starts In Three Weeks

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As a Grammy-winning producer, DJ, lecturer, and college professor, 9th Wonder doesn’t slow down. Now, 9th is taking it to the next level with his own lecture series this summer.

Hip-Hop In Context will be a five-part series starting June 29 and ending July 27 at North Carolina State University that chronicles hip-hop from its origins to the deaths of Tupac and Biggie in 1997. The event’s site states that “This series will evaluate the visuals, sound, fashion, and commercial influence of hip-hop during its first 25 years of existence.” Considering 9th’s vast knowledge and experience, this is going to be a talk for the ages. Admission is free to the first 50 NC State students who register, while everyone else will have to pay between $113-$125 for the chance to sit in.

You can listen to the supreme beat maker’s latest release Zion here.

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