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Drake Asked About His Circumcision & His Response Is Flawless

Martin Short‘s brash alter ego Jiminy Glick gave Drake the business on the second episode of “Maya & Marty,” his new variety show with Maya Rudolph. In an incredibly awkward interview Glick tells Drake that he probably won’t like his new hit song “One Dance” and invited him to take a post-interview steam bath. Which only made sense since he asked the Jewish rapper and actor about his religious circumcision.

Jiminy Glick: You’re a Jewish rapper. Do you miss the hood? And when I say ‘the hood’ I mean your foreskin. Do you miss it?

Drake: Umm. I’m glad to be sort of clean cut…

Jiminy Glick: Clean cut in the down there hair world?

Drake: Uh, yeah..

We can only imagine the thoughts going through Drake’s head. We imagine this face will be a meme in 5, 4, 3, 2,…

When you on a job interview and they fart…Drake Jiminy Glick


Watch the full interview above.



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