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Freddie Gibbs’ Extradition Hearing Is Next Week

Freddie Gibbs

UPDATE: MalayMail reports that Freddie Gibbs will be facing an extradition hearing next Thursday, June 16. His legal team is reportedly fighting his extradition to Austria and requesting bail, which wouldn’t be available until next Tuesday.  

Things are looking grim for ESGN’s head honcho.

French publication La Depeche reports that Freddie Gibbs was arrested in Toulouse, France this past Thursday (June 2) for an attempted rape that allegedly occurred in Austria in 2015. Austrian authorities issued a warrant for Gibbs’ arrest and he’s currently awaiting extradition in French prison. The Gary, Indiana MC has been touring Europe to promote his latest album Shadow Of A Doubt and was arrested just before he took the stage in Toulouse. He also cancelled a show in Vienna – where the alleged rape took place – a week and a half ago, which bodes even less well for him.

Gibbs’ lawyer, Scott E, Leemon, issued a perplexing statement:

“Freddie Gibbs adamantly denies the allegations that have been levied against Austrian authorities.

It makes you wonder why it took almost a year for Austrian officials to bring these charges.

Freddie will be fighting the extradition request as these are nothing more than trumped up charges. For any additional information please contact scott@leemonlaw.com”

We may want to believe that Gibbs isn’t guilty of such a heinous crime (as a big fan, I can attest), but now isn’t the time for speculation or victim-blaming. I can already hear some of you firing up those Twitter fingers to demonize gold-digging groupies or whatever. Until we have all the facts, this case needs to be taken at face value, so leave your misogynistic hot takes and conspiracy theories in the gutter, please.

Regardless of whether or not he’s guilty, this is undoubtedly an embarrassing moment for him, his wife and daughter, and the alleged victim. We’ll update you with facts as soon as we get them.

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