Craig G & The Juice Crew: 10 Things You SHOULD Know

“I like naps,” Craig G says of the artwork to his new album, I Rap And Go Home. It’s the seventh in a catalogue that dates back to the 80s and it reflects his life as a working MC with thirty years of experience. “I told my man Illus ‘I’ll send you a picture of a recent show and I’ll send you a picture of me napping on the couch.’ It just represents real life. Don’t believe that ‘team no sleep’ crap, okay. Rest is good.”


Craig G started out rapping when he was 12 and made his mark as a member of the legendary Juice Crew. The Queens-born MC spends a lot of time touring overseas and is working hard to preserve his 43-year-old body with a new diet regimen which includes walking and, you guessed it, naps.

“I felt a way about two of my peers passing within months of each other, which were Pumpkinhead and Sean Price, who I went to High School with. Masta Ace is on some health stuff and we talk a lot. I used to post pictures of food on Instagram and he’d say ‘Yo, those potatoes are gonna kill you.’ I just decided that I would change my diet. My biggest flaw was going on the road, doing a show, going to the radio station then going through a drive-thru at 3 in the morning. I just had to change my habits and I like it.”

Obviously Craig has folks that care about him a great deal and many of them showed up for the album, including Buckshot, Rockness Monstah and Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest, to name a few. The project was a spontaneous offering spurred on by his production partner Earth that gives the MC a chance to continue speaking for the huddled masses yearning for a beat.

“When I looked at the subject matter I thought about my real life and I rap and I go home. I feel like they glorify a certain class of people, and it’s fine to aspire to that class. But there are way more working class people [than them]. To me it’s a shame that these people aren’t represented. The people that go to work everyday. So I Rap And Go Home represents the people who are not interested in the glamour. They’re interested in doing their work and going home to spend time with their families and enjoying their life.”

However, we do understand that this is the first time some of you are hearing about Craig G and may need an intro (or refresher course) the MC legend. So we asked him to offer up a brief “this is your life” for the uninitiated. Watch the video interview above and the clip for intro to I Rap And Go Home below.

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