15 Types Of People Who’ll Wear The New Steph Curry 2 Low

Steph Curry 2 Low Forrest Gump

Any great athlete will tell you that the man makes the shoe and no the other way around. But in the case of Steph Curry’s latest shoe for Under Armour, the Curry 2 Lows, an MPV season doesn’t not insure an MVP shoe. The shoes (which retail for $120) actually debuted before the Warriors got blown out in Game 3, but Twitter just got news of them today and commenced to roasting them on a spit.

Steph’s brother Seth tried to save face for his fam…

And some even suggested that the shoes might look better as Nikes…


But it was too little too late. Twitter had too much fun imaging the type of people who would be caught wearing these milquetoast mock-a-sins.




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