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Grand Wizard Theodore Explains DJ Innovations By Grandmaster Flash

There is a lot that modern day music fans take for granted. We simply do a search for a song, press a button and it plays.  This goes for casual listening and DJing. However, there is a course of evolution to the music listening experience, particularly when it comes to hip-hop. Basics like mixing, scratching and even cuing up a song had to be conceived and implemented by curious, ingenious music pioneers. They tooled around with equipment and made it bend to their will. Smart companies paid attention and began to incorporate these hacks into the equipment establishing the modern day DJ set up.

DJ Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners is producing a series of lectures called “Mixin” The City” to clarify some popular historical misconceptions about DJing and many of its integral figures.

“History, with regards to the art of DJing, matters a lot to me,” he writes on his Youtube channel. “Only because I have a genuine appreciation for the value of the art itself. My thumbs wouldn’t be typing away on the iPhone I’m using to send this message if it were not for young black teens in the inner city of the Bronx NY, redefining what a person can do on turntables back in the 1970s.”

The first clip features the inventor of the scratch technique Grand Wizard Theodore talking about innovations made by a delivery guy/tech genius named Grand Master Flash. This is literal groove theory.

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