Lil B Curses D’Angelo Russell, Lakers Player Responds

Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell became the most hated rookie in the NBA earlier this year when it was revealed that he recorded his teammate Nick Young without his permission. Young was allegedly discussing cheating on his fiancee, rapper Iggy Azalea. While the two players have since reconciled, basketball fans were not as forgiving, including rapper Lil B. The “Based God,” who is widely known for cursing NBA stars Kevin Durant and James Harden, flirted with cursing Russell but didn’t put the Celie hands on him.

Well, yesterday on ESPN’s “Sports Nation,” Lil B made good on his promise and officially cursed the infamous snitch. However, there is a way for Russell to avoid years of professional failure: play Lil B in a game of 21.


And according to Instagram posts from Lil B showing Russell accepting, this could actually happen.

The Tweets pictured  no longer appear on Russell’s Twitter timeline, so we can’t conclude that all is forgiven. But seeing that the Lakers finished with a league worst 17-65 record last season, they have nothing to lose in letting Russell play a game with Lil B.

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