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YG Opens Up About Getting Shot in the Noisey Special: YG & the Therapist


Update: In an extended clip, YG discussed turning to alcohol to cope with his paranoia stemming from being shot in 2015. Noisey filmed YG’s first attempt at therapy which premiered on VICELAND last night. Hopefully, YG’s therapy session will encourage fans and other artists to feel more comfortable with seeking help.

Watch YG and the Therapist below:

In a new Viceland special, YG seeks help for his PSTD and paranoia suffered from a shooting that occurred in his studio back in 2015. The mini documentary will give a behind the scenes look at the stressful year the Bompton rapper has had while working on his forthcoming album, Still Brazy.

YG and The Therapist will premiere Sunday at 10PM. Still Brazy will drop on June 17th. Watch the trailer for the documentary above.

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