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Clipping’s “Wriggle” Is A Hauntingly Exhilarating Rush

Clipping Wriggle

Noise rap group Clipping has been all but silent for the last two years. Granted, their lead vocalist Daveed Diggs has been wowing audiences in the Broadway musical Hamilton, but it’s been hard not to miss them. Diggs and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes formed a tight bond that resulted in their debut mixtape midcity; which itself led to them signing with SubPop Records and dropping clppng, one of 2014’s most underrated projects. Imagine what The Bomb Squad might sound like if they were more Death Grips than Public Enemy and you’d be halfway there.

Hamilton has kept Diggs busy since then, but the trio’s managed to find time to put together a new EP called Wriggle. The six-track project pulses with static and raw industrial energy complimented by Diggs’ equally relentless flows. The punchline dense bars of “Shooter” are clever and bouncy, but it’s the title track that’s been bouncing through my head for the past day. Good flow is a descriptor that’s used lightly these days, but Diggs’ words are a rush of fast joy and numbing pain. “Clamp that mouth shut, bounce for your boy/Rip for your girl, scream for your life
Beg for a minute/Live it like you might not get another one/The loving in your body only the beginning of it.” It’s a hauntingly exhilarating rush that the newly dropped lyric video catches perfectly (even if you can’t read the damn lyrics.)

Check it out below.

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