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Flying Lotus Is Tired Of Rappers Taking Advantage Of Producers

Flying Lotus

When talking about songs, we often neglect the producer more than we like to think. Lyrics and melodies are important, but oftentimes the producer is the person giving a particular record its sound, and their contributions can easily be swept under the rug.

That being said, Flying Lotus is easily one of the most versatile and sought-after producers working today, having perfected a signature sound that sits right at the intersection where hip-hop, electronica, jazz, and house collide. He’s found success both under his name and that of his rapping alter ego Captain Murphy, but someone that he’s been working with recently has struck a nerve in the Brainfeeder Records head honcho.

Earlier today (June 15), FlyLo took to his Twitter to urge everyone that it’s “Very important to know your worth” before ranting about the ways rap artists take advantage of producers.

The plot was thick enough here, but this tweet took things over the edge for me:

FlyLo conducts business with some of rap’s elite, so who’s the elusive businessman he’s talking about?
FlyLo definitely still has a foot in rap’s door, though; he was a major
player on Kendrick Lamar’s landmark To Pimp A Butterfly and he just
celebrated the fact that Danny Brown is now his label mate over at Warp
Records. We can’t help but wonder who set FlyLo off so bad that he felt
the need to shout out Metro Boomin and call out Future.
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