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Lil Fame And Biggie Sharing Orange 10-Speed Bikes Is The Realest Sh*t Ever

On Biggie’s classic track “Warning” from his debut Ready To Die he is being told about some “n*ggaz from the hill up in Brownsville” that have some information he needs. His man “Fame up in Prospect” schooled his informant to some other dudes who wished to do Biggie harm.

Remember them n*ggaz from the hill up in Brownsville?
That you rolled dice wit, smoked the blunts and got nice wit
Yeah my nigga Fame up in Prospect
Nah they’re my n*ggaz nah love wouldn’t disrespect

That Fame was the real life Lil Fame of M.O.P and in this interview with VLADTV the MC and producer (under the moniker Fizzy Womack) elaborates on the friendship that he and Biggie had prior to his musical fame and untimely death.

Among the stories he shares is one of Biggie stashing two orange ten speed bikes in his crib.

“Them sh*ts was orange ass bikes. We had twin bikes and sh*t. Yeah, he gave me one. We used to hang out and go back and forth and sh*t. I don’t know where he got ’em from. I know I got one from him.”

If you can’t close your eyes and picture Biggie and Fame riding orange 10-speeds around the hood and not smile you just have no soul. Watch the full interview above.


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