Aftermath Producer Focus… Remembers His Father Bernard Edwards Of Chic

If you need evidence that talent can be passed along in genes you need look no further than late Chic bassist Bernard Edwards, Sr and his son, Aftermath producer Bernard “Focus…” Edwards, Jr.  As the founding member of Chic (along with Nile Rodgers), Edwards’ music would help propel the careers of his group, as well as Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and countless others. And his ubiquitous bass line to Chic’s hit “Good Times” would lay the foundation for The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight” and inspire hip-hop producers for years to come. So it is no surprise that his own son would glean some of that magic touch and spin it into hit records for Beyonce, Marsha Ambrosius, Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre. But if it were up to his father that would not have been the case.

“My father was my idol. My father was everything I wanted to be.   I thought he was the coolest man on the planet,” Focus… tells WatchLOUD.com. “Did we get along? No. Because I wanted to be just like him, and he didn’t want that.”

Focus…recalls having to “borrow” his father’s equipment and sneak out of the house to record on the weekends so that he wouldn’t find out, putting a strain on their relationship. Sadly, Edwards, Sr. passed on April 18, 1996 due to complications from pneumonia after performing in Japan.

“I think right before he passed we had a conversation and we started to reconcile and we were talking about working together. But unfortunately we lost him. Dad was my biggest fight and he helped me get the thick skin that I have now and helped me to get where I am.”

As for his own children Focus…is every bit like his father. Despite his success he would prefer that they didn’t pursue careers in music.  “If they don’t go into the music industry I would call that a victory.”

But from the looks of things his two-year-old daughter may be as stubborn as he is. “She be getting on my keyboard and playing, looking at her self in the camera rocking back and forth. She’s everything.”

You can’t deny what’s inside. Watch the full video above.

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