#TBT: That Time Phonte Interviewed Capone-N-N.O.R.E

Phonte Capone N Noreaga

Sometimes my train of thought makes many random stops before arriving at a logical place. It is the cognitive equivalent of the MTA’s G line: You wonder why it’s even there sometimes until you really need to get from Brooklyn to Queens with no car.

This morning I woke up thinking about the popularity of NORE and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast and what made it work for me. The relaxed but informed nature. It’s the front stoop gathering of podcasts and I love it. But it reminds me of one of the OG artist podcasts, Gordongartrellradio. Named after the faux shirt designer from “The Cosby Show,” Phonte Coleman and DJ Brainchild’s podcast ran for six years from 2008 to 2014. They would break some of the best and latest indie music while talking about everything from web sensation Eli Porter and Tiger Wood’s sex scandal to Phonte working with Lil B. It was the blueprint (along with Tonedeff and PackFm’s “Tacos & Chocolate Milk”) for a lot of podcasts out right now on the low.

So as my brain began to careen around this bend at top speed I thought, “Wow, Phonte on Drink Champs would be fuckin epic.” The combined fucks that Te and NORE don’t give could fill Cowboys Stadium twice over. And then my conductor looked up from his phone long enough to pull the emergency break and I heard Phonte’s voice yelling, “N*GGA! You had ME interview NORE already!”

*record scratch sound*

Yup. Back in 2010 Te was in NYC to record a song with The Roots and I asked him to come through to chop it up because we hadn’t spoken since the release of Leftback and the breakup of Little Brother. So he lugged his suitcase to my office and we had a good ole time talking about career advice he’d gotten from QuestLove and rhyming with Elzhi. As my habit was (and still is) to multi-task I had scheduled an interview with Capone-N-Noreaga for that same day and Phonte admitted that he had some time to kill before meeting up with The Roots. So not only did I invite Te to come with me to the interview, I had HIM do the interview. Why? Because as an MC who was in a group that JUST broke up who better to talk to the legendary duo Capone-N-Nore? So I just put on my producer hat and got them in the room together, sat back and enjoyed the show. The two clips are below.

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