Craig G Says His Son Motivates Him To Keep Rapping

NY hip-hop legend Craig G has been rapping since he was 12, and just released a new album called I Rap And Go Home. So what keeps him motivated to keep recording and releasing music in his 40s?

“My son Cameron, he’ll be 21 [this year] he raps.  When he first started rapping…He used to play me songs. He wouldn’t speak to me for a month because I refused to get on a song [with him] called ‘My Louis Bag.’”

But his son’s interest in banal price tag raps was short-lived.

“All of a sudden maybe four of five months later he started playing me stuff in the Joey Bada$$ realm and I was proud. They take elements of the original formula and put their own spin on it. It motivates me at my age and to be this long into it, be able to show people that as long as I stay true to myself that people will gravitate towards it. I’m nobody special. I just know how to rap a little bit.”

Watch the full clip above.

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