NBA Finals Game 7 Is The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

droppin dimes

People are mad. Steph Curry’s wife Tweeted (and later deleted) about  the NBA being fixed after her husband’s team imploded for the second game in a row leading to a a Final’s game 7. There were really bad calls in game six and some of the ref’s should definitely be investigated for ties to Al-Qaeda, but you can’t call it fixed when the reigning champs and the unanimous MVP dig a 24-point hole.  Pros don’t shoot themselves out of a game on purpose to force a game 7 so cut the shenanigans. Not to mention this is the same team that came back from being down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals and there was no trace of this “Fixed Flu” being spread.

That said, people should not be mad. Why? We get a game 7! A game seven is awesome. A game seven on Father’s Day is even better. A game seven on Father’s day where both teams have scored the exact same amount of points going into it his fantastic. The last game 7 in the NBA finals was in 2013 when the Heat beat the Spurs. Before that was 2010 when the Lakers beat the Celtics, 2005 when the Spurs beat the Pistons and then 1994 when the Rockets beat The Knicks. Most of you don’t care about anything before then but the point is we’re playing in some very rarefied air right now, people. This does not happen often so stop complaining about who fixed what because both teams have gotten stupid breaks up to this point. Curry will only have to pay a fine for tossing his mouth piece and will play game 7.  So everything before now doesn’t matter. It’s all been reset. This is now the NBA Superbowl. Winner take all. Who’s your daddy?

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